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Preserving privacy in the age of Big Data

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New report finds gig economy companies must do more to protect workers during COVID-19

The report, which looks at the responses of 120 platforms across 23 countries to the COVID-19 pandemic, assesses platforms against the methods they have used to protect their workers during this global health crisis. While some ride-hailing companies like Bolt (South…

European Hub of the NoC


Digital utopias for the year 2040

Berlin, 8 April 2020 – What will our digital society look like in 2040? How will we live and love, how will we teach and work, and how will our legal system change? Researchers from…


A Tough Market for Misinformers to Crack

Some 85% of Moldovans believe that the news they read are politically biased and published to manipulate the public; a total of 56% of them are not satisfied with mass media in their country, according…

European Hub of the NoC


High-Speed Internet Helps Populist Parties

The spread of broadband internet and the electoral success of populist parties are closely related, researchers Max Schaub of the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and Davide Morisi (Collegio Carlo Alberto) show in a study focusing on the AfD…

European Hub of the NoC


New Research To Explore Governance Of Emerging Technologies

The new research programme aims to scientifically investigate the legal, ethical and technical aspects of AI, machine learning and other emerging information technologies. This new programme is coordinated by Prof. Sandra Wachter, a legal scholar; Dr. Brent…

European Hub of the NoC

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